Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, Save Vernazza donated:

  • a new radiocommunications system to improve emergency response times and increase the effectiveness of response outcomes for the “Soccorso Alpino” as they save people who are lost or hurt while hiking in our beautiful, fragile territory.
  • a new portable stretcher and Defibrillator to the volunteer heroes of the Mountain Emergency Rescue Squad to save hikers who fall ill or have accidents when hiking through our beautiful, fragile territory
  • new all-weather wheels for the Protezione Civile vehicle, thanks to the women of the Pia Parlanti Library in Vernazza who held an Easter fundraiser with their handmade crafts and raised €1800 for Vernazza’s Protezione Civile
  • maintenance and repairs for Protezione Civile vehicle
  • replacement parts and servicing for the Protezione Civile Bulldozer for environmental clean up

Save Vernazza supports the incredible volunteers of the Vernazza Emergency Management Corp in their work to maintain public safety and implement the Disaster Preparedness Plan to keep residents and travelers safe.

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