Thank you in advance for making a donation to Save Vernazza.  As Rick Steve’s posted on his website: “Help is still needed: Vernazza (has) come a long way since the disaster but important work lies ahead. Learn more, and consider making a donation…Save Vernazza is a very active and engaged non-profit organized by American ex-pats in Italy.”

We are so thankful to YOU for sharing our dream to Rebuild, Restore and Preserve Vernazza’s town and territory.  Let’s build a better future together so everyone’s children and grandchildren can continue to experience this magical village with her incredible beauty and traditions.

Together we can make a difference. Grazie!

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For Wire Transfers
If you wish to send a wire transfer, please contact us directly at and we will send you the instructions.

How your donation helps

  • Euro 25 buys gloves and equipment for volunteers to help preserve the territory
  • Euro 100 helps maintain Vernazza’s Volunteer Emergency Mgmt. bulldozer
  • Euro 175 restores one cubic meter of dry stone wall
  • Euro 200 helps buy paving stone to replace Vernazza’s destroyed piazzas and streets
  • Euro 250 buys a tree for main street Vernazza
  • Euro 500 helps buy new LED public lighting
  • Euro 1500 helps buy benches to reconnect residents and restore Vernazza’s social fabric