Turisti Pensa May 2

Save Vernazza’s Voluntourism Excursions
Do something unique in Vernazza and make a difference: work with local farmers to recover abandoned land, cultivate vineyards and orchards, harvest grapes and restore terracing and rebuild dry stonewalls (for which Vernazza and the Cinque Terre were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site). Learn about Vernazza with a bilingual guide. Enjoy a local picnic lunch with wine.

In October 2011, a flood and landslides devastated Vernazza. Save Vernazza is working hard to rebuild, restore and preserve our town and territory. Join us on the road to recovery!

This sustainable tourism program, supported by Busabout and TreadRight Foundation, is the first of its kind in Vernazza and the Cinque Terre National Park. Our motto: “Even paradise needs a gardener.”

We are so pleased with the project’s success: 96% of participants rated the experience “Awesome” while the remaining 4% rated it as “Glad I did it”. People love the voluntourism experience, since it enables them to get off the beaten path and do something unique in Vernazza.

Join us! Click here to find out how to sign up today.

To learn more, visit Save Vernazza’s Facebook page (we post photos and comments following each excursion). Please make a donation today to Save Vernazza to help us with this important work.