Vernazza Trails 8 & 8a

Trails number 8 and 8a are “off the beaten path”. Not as popular or well traveled as Cinque Terre’s famous number 2 trail that runs parallel to the coast, connecting the 5 towns, but 8 and 8a are ones that many love to travel for the serenity and beauty they offer the hiker.

From Vernazza to the Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio the number 8 takes one past the Stations of the Cross, leading to the spacious grounds surrounding the tranquil sanctuary on the hilltop, offering incredible views of Vernazza below and the Cinque Terre coastline.

From Madonna di Reggio to the hamlet of San Bernardino, the 8a trail transverses olive groves and vineyards, runs alongside trenino lines (the small train used for harvesting the grapes) takes one through wooded forests and onto the village of San Bernardino. Both trails sustained damage on October 25, 2011, trail number 8a considerably more than number 8.

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