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With Love, From Vernazza” WINNERS
Dear Friends, “With Love, From Vernazza” is our way of giving back to the donors who connue to help us
fulfill our mission. Read More.

Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, February 2017
Five years have passed since flooding and mudslides devastated Vernazza, destroying homes, businesses, territory and lives. With your help, Save Vernazza has accomplished so much: Read More.

Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, December 2015
Four years have passed since the devastating flood that buried Vernazza and caused dangerous landslides in the territory. We are so thankful to all of the thousands of people who share our dream to Rebuild, Restore and Preserve Vernazza and we are proud to celebrate our 2015 accomplishments with YOU. Read More.

Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, June 2015
It is such an exciting time for Save Vernazza: inaugurating the new Piazza Marconi recently was truly a joyful honor. As I was cutting the ribbon, surrounded by the children of Vernazza, I was thinking about what along road to recovery we have been on AND what an incredible story of teamwork and support from people like YOU. Read More.

Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, December 2014
Save Vernazza would like to thank YOU, our supporters, for your generosity throughout the year.  As a very small, startup non-profit organization, we pour our passion into Save Vernazza and together we are making a difference. Read More.

wineSave Vernazza’s Newsletter, May 2014
A new season begins! We are busy at work with exciting developments to share with you.This year Save Vernazza is proud to announce Wine & Food Discovery. Join us weekly to Meet Cinque Terre wine producers, Learn about our unique winemaking traditions, and Taste Cinque Terre DOC wines and Sciacchetrà paired with local cuisine. Read More.

feb_newsSave Vernazza’s Newsletter, Love to the Rescue, February 2014
You call it a donation, we call it LOVE to the RESCUE! Donate to Save Vernazza this February and share your love for Vernazza. Then let us share our love with you. Read More.

dec_newsSave Vernazza’s Newsletter, 5 Reasons We are Proud of Save Vernazza, December 2013
A wanderer meets a shepherd standing with his flock and asks, “What will the weather be like today?” The shepherd answers: “It will be as I prefer it.” The wanderer is astounded: “How do you know the weather will be as you desire?” The shepherd looks into his eyes and answers quietly: “My friend, in my experience, I cannot always get what I desire. Therefore, I have learned to like anything I get.” Whatever happens, every experience is what you make of it. Read More.

dec2013Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, December 2013 In the spirit of the holidays, we dedicate this newsletter to you: our generous, caring donors! Save Vernazza is a grassroots non-profit and you are the roots: the foundation upon which we depend to grow our projects and make a difference in Vernazza. Click here to download and continue reading.

august2013Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, August 2013 Save Vernazza: Even Paradise Needs a Gardener. Hello Save Vernazza supporters. We are hard at work, as always, passionate to rebuild, restore, and preserve Vernazza’s town and territory. We have three exciting updates to share with you. Click here to download and continue reading.

943257_10201202846976077_1236349601_n7a889bedc5d7.1Save Vernazza’s Newsletter, May 2013 Save Vernazza eNewsletter aims to inform and inspire. Join Friends of Vernazza in their efforts to build, restore and preserve Vernazza’s future! Click here to view or download. Adobe Acrobat required.

Save Vernazza’s Newsletter Christmas 2012Dear Friend of Vernazza, One day in March while walking down the hill from the Comune (Town Hall), we marveled at the striking contrast between the beauty of the green, terraced territory around Vernazza, the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the shocking state of muddy brown destruction throughout the entire town.Vernazzza Before & After Flood of October 25, 2011Suddenly, we came upon an old woman of 80 years old, sitting on the side of the path and crying. “Benedetta, are you OK? Do you need help?”, we asked. She looked at us as she wiped the tears from her weathered cheeks and said “No, I am fine. I just want to go home, or at least be able to see my home again before I die.” At that moment, we thought: let’s help bring people back home. Now, nine months later, the bridge for which Benedetta longed has been redesigned and rebuilt in its rightful place thanks in part to a contribution from our non-profit organization Save Vernazza ONLUS.Since October 25, 2011, we have experienced many emotions: sorrow, anger, depression, hope and joy. We have survived the unimaginable and accomplished the impossible. This disaster has been heartbreaking: for those who lost loved ones, homes and businesses and for Vernazza whose historical center and territory were devastated. It is also an incredible story of courage and a virtuous example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together and works for a common goal. Walking around Vernazza today, we cannot help but be astonished by the progress: restaurants, bars and shops are open for business and most of the townspeople have returned home. All of us at Save Vernazza feel incredibly thankful to our supporters from all over the world for giving us hope when all seemed lost. With your help, we have accomplished the following in 2012:

  • Constructing a new roof for the Santa Marta chapel
  • Building two new stone walls with Cantina Cheo, Vernazza’s sole commercial wine producer
  • Providing servicing and replacement parts for the Bulldozer so that volunteers can continue the environmental clean up on the beach
  • Launching “Save Vernazza Walking Tours” to promote sustainable tourism by educating visitors (the first and only program of its kind in the Cinque Terre), in collaboration with Rick Steves’ groups
  • Funding the technical costs for the reconstruction of a bridge over the canal in Fontanavecchia so that residents can return home
  • Organizing a volunteer clean up of Hiking Trail 8 (from Vernazza to the Reggio Sanctuary)
  • Designing the first Town Map of Vernazza (in English) for the reopening of the 2012 tourist season
  • Leading a volunteer weekend with students from Syracuse University during the grape harvest
  • Welcoming intern Huan Song from the University of William & Mary in July to help with fundraising and conduct visitor surveys
  • Running a Benefit Art Auction on eBay
  • Co-founding with Yana Pietras “Students for Cinque Terre (S5T)”, a US student support organization at the University of Minnesota
  • Reaching out to thousands of international visitors to create an active community of people interested in learning about Vernazza, visiting and helping with fundraising
  • Implementing a media plan resulting in interviews with, but not limited to: The New York Times, CBS News, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, The London Times, La Stampa, Milano Finanza Looking ahead to 2013, we have some very exciting projects that need your support. Please join us today on the road to recovery to launch the following initiatives:
  • Implement Phase One of “The Renaissance of Vernazza” Project for the reconstruction of Vernazza’s public spaces designed by architects Lord Richard Rogers and Ernesto Bartolini. Conserving and restoring Vernazza is vital for the future of the village. The Richard Rogers plan provides Vernazza with a special, once in a lifetime opportunity: rebuild the most unique public spaces along the village’s main axis, by creating a scheme with traditional materials, beautiful landscape design and simple street furniture and lighting. Construction should begin in March 2013 from Piazza Marconi, the main piazza and main attraction for visitors, and from Fontanavecchia, one of the key centres for residents.
  • Fundraise for Phase Two to complete the remaining areas of Vernazza in 2014 Save Vernazza is working with Vernazza Futura, the Town and public and private donors to raise funds for the completion of repaving work, planting, public illumination and benches along the central street Via Roma and in the Piazza dei Caduti (the area behind the train station, with the to-be-rebuilt childrens’ playground).
  • Launch the Save Vernazza Ecotourism Experience This project aims to support sustainable tourism by allowing travellers to give back to the community and the territory that is the reason for their visit. The experience will include a guided hike to a volunteer site, where the volunteer will spend two hours rebuilding the trails, helping rebuild hillside terracing and walls and even planting or harvesting grapes from a local vineyard or other crops. This project will be the first of its kind within the Cinque Terre National Park and within Vernazza.

In this holiday season, cherish what you love, as everything could change tomorrow. But, if disaster strikes, you may be surprised by the hero who emerges: it could be your neighbor or yourself. With your help, we are all heroes continuing to rebuild, restore and preserve this special place. Together we can make a difference. Please join us by making a donation today at We wish you, your family and friends a safe and joyous holiday season. Ruth, Michele and Michele for Save Vernazza Click Here for Archived updates