Before & After

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Page 2: Recovery (November/December 2011)

Page 3: The First Three Weeks (October 25 – late November)

Additional pages containing photos & videos

  • Arcobalena per Vernazza: January 3, 2012 – A rainbow for Vernazza. Artists unite to bring color to Vernazza.
  • Cheo Vineyards: Vernazza’s only commercial producer of wine and the destruction to the terraced vineyards as a result of October 25, 2011.
  • Travel Advisor Photos & Videos: This page reflects current photos and videos of Vernazza, to best prepare the Vernazza bound traveler.
  • Vernazza Trail 2: A hike from Vernazza to Corniglia, showning destruction from October 25, 2011.
  • Vernazza Trail 7: A hike from Vernazza to San Bernadino in April 2012.
  • Vernazza Trails 8 & 8a: A hike along trail 8 (from Vernazza to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Reggio) and 8a (from the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Reggio to the hamlet of San Bernadino) showing destruction from October 25, 2011.
  • Vernazza: January 21, 2012
  • Vernazza: February, 15, 2012
  • Vernazza: February 25, 2012
  • Vernazza: March 3, 2012
  • Travel Advisor Photos & Videos: Up to date photos.

    Also, visit us at our Save Vernazza Facebook Page where new photos are regularly being uploaded by our friends on the ground in Vernazza.