Save Vernazza relies on your generous donations to rebuild, restore and preserve our town and territory. Some people get personally involved in the fundraising and we love it!

fund1Teacher Jessica Yeager and the 2014/15 third grade students of Chairville Elementary School, NJ, raised $1,389 for Save Vernazza! Click here for morefund2fund3

fund_topSince 2013, Busabout and TreadRight have partnered with SV on the Voluntourism Project: travelers work with Vernazzans to make a difference in the territory (harvesting grapes, building stonewalls, restoring vineyards). The project has been a great success: 725 participants in 85 excursions to help 16 landowners and create 5 jobs. 96% rated the experience “Awesome”. Over 15.000 Euro reinvested in the territory: maintaining the territory is critical to avoid further erosion and to prevent additional landslides.

classTeacher Jessica Yeager of Chairville Elementary School, NJ, and her third grade class of “Super Citizens of the World” raised $1,102 for Save Vernazza! These students truly inspire us: they actively participated in the project rather than just asking for money. Their work included: car wash, shovel snow, walk dogs, sell hot chocolate/lemonade, create art work and sell it, do chores and donate allowance, bake sales, rainbox loom bracelet sales, etc. This class lives the motto “We can and will make a difference”. Grazie!

Fontana Vecchia bridgeMaddie, a high school student from Carmichael, California, raised €850 by selling tickets to 3 Italian dinners that she cooked for her classmates. Her donation helped build a new bridge in Fontanavecchia

Rudy and ChristinaRudy and Christina, a couple from Italy and Canada donated €500 instead of giving guests wedding favors