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The renowned Cinque Terre town of Vernazza, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage site visited annually by 2.5 million tourists, was devastated by massive flooding and mudslides on October 25th, 2011. The disaster buried the town under 4 meters /13+ feet of mud and debris, caused over 100 million Euro in damages and cost the lives of three residents.

In response to this tragedy, three American women who have lived in Vernazza for years created Save Vernazza ONLUS.

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The mission of Save Vernazza ONLUS (an Italian nonprofit organization) is to rebuild, restore and preserve the town of Vernazza by raising funds for immediate reconstruction and long-term cultural and environmental projects for the benefit of Vernazza’s community of residents and visitors. Our goal is to provide an easy, direct way to donate to rebuild, restore and preserve Vernazza.

Save Vernazza, an apolitical, non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit organization, works exclusively with the objective of social solidarity and cannot perform activities different than those set forth in its Articles of Incorporation with exception to those activities directly connected to its mission.

In particular, Save Vernazzza has its objective to perform the following activities, in response to damages caused by the flooding of October 25, 2011 to the town of Vernazza and surrounding territory and, precisely:

  • activities in the sector of charity work, directly or indirectly in favor of persons and families who are in need, disadvantaged or find themselves in socio-economic difficulties
  • activities in the sector of conservation and protection of nature and of the environment, through the promotion and contribution to environmental projects for the protection, conservation, improvement, and safeguarding of the environment and of the landscapes, rural and urban, of the town of Vernazza and its surrounding territory

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