2016 Accomplishments

Entering our fifth year, Save Vernazza is proud of our accomplishments.  We continue to be passionate about rebuilding, restoring and preserving Vernazza’s town and territory.  We are pleased that Vernazza’s women and men have chosen to join us to make our projects successful.
Most of all, we feel blessed for the continuing support of our incredible donor-friends who embody our motto:  Together we can make a difference.

Our 2016 Projects include:

The Renaissance of Vernazza: Piazza Marconi “Let there be light!”

light1Thanks to our generous supporters, SV donated €3.000 to install and perfect energy efficient lighting designed by Renzo Piano. A special thank you to our local hero/volunteers Gianbattista and Francesco and to architect Richard Rogers for their unwavering commitment to rebuild, restore and preserve Vernazza.

The Renaissance of Vernazza: Fontanavecchia
In January 2014, Save Vernazza donated the Executive Project of Phase One, Lot B of the Renaissance of Vernazza project to rebuild Fontanavecchia, the area of Vernazza most affected by the flood of 2011.  In June 2016, Ruth Manfredi, President of Save Vernazza, and Architect Roberto Castellani met with the Town of Vernazza to discuss how to update the project so that building can begin as soon as possible.

The Renaissance of Vernazza Project, designed by architects Lord Richard Rogers and Ernesto Bartolinim, restores Vernazza’s public spaces with new stone paving, landscape design, street furniture and energy efficient lighting to increase safety, simplicity and beauty for residents and visitors.

Turisti nei Cian Voluntourism Excursions with Busabout and TreadRight

Now in our Fourth Season, we have already welcomed 866 travelers in 101 excursions.  Together with Busabout, TreadRight and voluntourist participants, we are making a difference working with 20 local farmers to restore vineyards and olive groves, build stonewalls and terracing, and harvest grapes.

“I cannot say enough about this experience. We are in Germany, Austria, Italy & France for a month and this day is my favorite. Connecting and helping locals is the best way to honor & experience our huge world.”

Share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with locals in the wild, away from the crowds in the village streets below.  To learn more, click here.

Vernazza Volunteer Emergency Management Corps

Save Vernazza continues to support the incredible volunteers of the Vernazza Emergency Management Corp in their work to maintain public safety and implement the Disaster Preparedness Plan to keep residents and travelers safe. In 2016, Save Vernazza paid to maintain the Emergency Management Corp vehicle and replace the broken windshield and wipers.

Vernazza Volunteer Mountain Rescue Squad “Soccorso Alpino”

Thanks to our generous friends, Save Vernazza donated a new radiocommunications system to improve emergency response times and increase the effectiveness of response outcomes for the “Soccorso Alpino” as they save people who are lost or hurt while hiking in our beautiful, fragile territory.